Tooth sensitivity can be mild or severe, but is usually always painful. People with tooth
sensitivity have trouble with hot and cold foods and sometimes even spicy or sweet foods.

Although having sensitive teeth is typically a chronic problem, the discomfort can be managed.
One of the ways to manage this discomfort is with the right toothpaste. There are certain
ingredients you can look for in desensitizing toothpaste that’ll help ease your pain and protect
your teeth. Check the label for these helpful sensitivity fighters!

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5 Reasons You Have Sensitive Teeth

Eating or drinking may lose its appeal if it follows with a dull and sharp pain. But, what's life without being able to enjoy your favorite ice cream? Let's get to the bottom of your pain. Here are 5 potential causes of teeth sensitivity:

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Stephanie Nguyen
Should Silver Fillings be Replaced with Tooth Colored Fillings?

It’s understandable that you’d think about replacing amalgam tooth fillings, more commonly referred to as silver fillings. Although tooth-colored fillings are widely used today, what should you do about your old silver fillings? Here’s what you should know if you’re thinking of replacing this material for your cavities.

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