Oral Health And Its Impact Beyond Your Mouth

As our culture and the city of Washington, D.C. grow more health conscious—focusing on exercise, clean eating, and mental health—there’s one area health and fitness influencers are neglecting: oral hygiene. Sure, an image of a dentist sticking dental forceps in your mouth might not be as Instagram-worthy as a yoga pose on top of a mountain, but those who care deeply about overall health should turn their attention to oral hygiene. The connection between the health of our mouth and the rest of our bodies is stronger than some might think.

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Restore the Beauty of your smile

Whether you were born without one tooth or several teeth, lost a tooth due to genetics or an accident, or have teeth that are naturally decaying, dental implant placement is an option worth considering.  The following will answer your most pressing questions related to dental implants and will leave you confident in proceeding with a consultation.

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At The Forefront Of Dental Technology

Not all dentists’ offices are created equal. Unfortunately, some still use outdated technology that is riskier and more painful for patients. You wouldn’t use an iPhone 4 in the age of the iPhone X, especially when you need a function only the iPhone X can do. So why don’t we expect the same from our dentists? Our teeth are far more important to our health than keeping up with the latest smartphone. Every patient deserves the most up-to-date dental treatments.

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Your Smile is Your Biggest Investment

Investing in your overall health requires an investment in your dental care. Healthy mouth, teeth, and gums have been shown to help prevent heart diseases- including heart attacks and strokes. Dental insurance can sometimes leave us feeling like we didn’t fully benefit from our investment the way we should have- what’s covered by insurance usually can’t provide you with the quality or necessities that your beautiful smile and hygiene needs.

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The Power Of Your Smile

Smiling can boost your mood, lower stress, or strengthen relationships--they’re even contagious. Unfortunately, dental problems can get in the way of that. Poor oral health can lead give you bad breath, keep you from smiling in photos, disrupt your comfort or steal the pleasure from eating your favorite foods. The good news is, there’s something you can do about it. Whether you’re in need of an emergency fix, want to invest in preventative care, or just want more beautiful teeth; DC Dental Spa will help you love everything about your smile. And when you love your smile, it shows.

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Tooth sensitivity can be mild or severe, but is usually always painful. People with tooth
sensitivity have trouble with hot and cold foods and sometimes even spicy or sweet foods.

Although having sensitive teeth is typically a chronic problem, the discomfort can be managed.
One of the ways to manage this discomfort is with the right toothpaste. There are certain
ingredients you can look for in desensitizing toothpaste that’ll help ease your pain and protect
your teeth. Check the label for these helpful sensitivity fighters!

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5 Reasons You Have Sensitive Teeth

Eating or drinking may lose its appeal if it follows with a dull and sharp pain. But, what's life without being able to enjoy your favorite ice cream? Let's get to the bottom of your pain. Here are 5 potential causes of teeth sensitivity:

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