At The Forefront Of Dental Technology

Not all dentists’ offices are created equal. Unfortunately, some still use outdated technology that is riskier and more painful for patients. You wouldn’t use an iPhone 4 in the age of the iPhone X, especially when you need a function only the iPhone X can do. So why don’t we expect the same from our dentists? Our teeth are far more important to our health than keeping up with the latest smartphone. Every patient deserves the most up to date dental treatments.

At Washington DC’s DC Dental Spa, we strive to stay up to speed with the cutting edge of technology in dentistry to give each of our clients their best smile, whether they’re in for a visit with our dental hygienist, dentist for a root canal or for an emergency dental treatment.  

Here are a few of the latest technologies we use at Washington DC’s DC Dental Spa and how they benefit our clients.

The Panoramic X-Ray

Since the jaw is shaped like a horseshoe, photographing it on a flat image isn’t exactly easy. The task usually requires patients to, sometimes painfully, clamp down on plastic bite-wings that are repositioned multiple times to get clear x-ray shots from all angles. Panoramic x-rays utilize a small bite stick placed in the patient’s mouth one time for the single photo. Unlike a traditional x-ray where the film is placed inside of the mouth. The dentists at Washington DC’s DC Dental Spa choose to use panoramic x-ray imaging to safely and effectively examine the mouths of both adults and children.


Laser Dentistry

No one likes to be in pain at the dentist office, and lasers are answering the call for help. Many people have never heard of laser dentistry before, but the popular pain-reducing surgical technique has made its way to the dental industry. Lasers provide the ultimate level of comfort during a variety of treatments. Our Endodontists at Washington DC’s DC Dental Spa are certified in Laser Dentistry. Dr. Rex Hoang holds several certifications from the Academy of Laser Dentistry and has been a practicing specialist for over 25 years. With Laser Dentistry, the dentists at DC Dental Spa perform effective and comfortable restorative treatments such as root canals and crowns or bridge and dental implant placements. Laser dentistry offer an ideal option for children (or adults) who become anxious during fillings or oral surgery. Patients are less likely to require anesthesia, sutures, or experience infection, damage to gums, and blood loss. Recovery time is much faster too. All around, laser dentistry will make your trip to the dentist much more enjoyable.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a new advanced technique used in dentistry that helps regenerate tissue faster after an oral operation and reduce recovery time. PRP, found in your blood, is plasma with a higher concentration of platelets that help with clotting and reproducing tissue. First, blood is drawn from the patient. Next, the platelets are separated and the platelet count increases through centrifugation. The platelets are then added back to the blood containing new growth factors and injected back into the healing area. The PRP technique can be used to reduce bleeding and accelerate the healing process after oral surgeries such as root canals, emergency tooth repairs, and implant prosthesis.

DC Dental Spa is an early adopter of modern dental technology. We are on pace with the development of modern dental technology and treatments, which is one of the many reasons we consider ourselves to be the best dental practice in Washington DC. Have you had a positive experience with the panoramic x-ray, laser dentistry, or platelet rich plasma during a visit to the dentist? Share your experience in the comments section below.