For Patients with Insufficient Bone for Dental Implants, DC Dental Spa Offers Versah

While being an excellent replacement for missing teeth, dental implants do have some requirements. One of these requirements is having enough bone in your jaw to properly support the implant itself.

If you’ve wanted to get dental implants but have been concerned about your candidacy due to lack of bone in your jaw, DC Dental Spa has a solution for you. We offer a system called Versah that laterally condenses bone in your jaw to help you healthily support a dental implant.

Here’s what the Versah procedure offers and how it could change your candidacy for dental implants!

How the System Works

During your consultation, you’ll receive an exam from Dr. Hoang at DC Dental Spa regarding your candidacy for dental implants. During this exam, x-rays are taken to determine if you have sufficient bone in your jaw. If your bone is found to be lacking, we can discuss the Versah procedure with you to see if you qualify.

Versah works through a process called osseodensification, where bone is compressed using a series of tools. First, a small space will be made in your jaw using a pilot drill. Next, a tool that facilitates osseodensification by densifying bone through compaction will be used. This allows Dr. Hoang to use a series of attachments to slowly make the space in your jaw bigger while the surrounding bone compacts. This helps your bone slowly densify.

Versah helps preserve bone while expanding your ridge to ensure your dental implant has the best chance for success. This is unlike traditional dental tools, which normally excavate bone instead of preserving it. This compaction process allows Dr. Hoang to create a strong, dense layer of bone to properly support your new dental implant.

Improves Your Dental Implant Candidacy

Even if your jawbone is found to be compromised, Versah allows you to have the best chance for dental implant success. Normally, people who have compromised ridges in their alveolar bone cannot support regular dental implants, although they may qualify for mini dental implants.

However, with this new system, Dr. Hoang can help expand your alveolar ridge to create sufficient room for a dental implant that you can support for life. The procedure is gradual and your condensed bone will help support your new dental implants.

If you’re a candidate for dental implants but your loss of bone jaw has been preventing you from taking advantage of these tooth replacements, Versah may be for you!

Only a professional exam with Dr.Hoang at DC Dental Spa can tell you if you’re a candidate for dental implants as well as the Versah system. With x-rays and a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health, Dr. Hoang can let you know if Versah is for you.

If you’ve been dreaming of having a secure, permanent replacement for your tooth or teeth but are lacking adequate jaw bone, Versah could be the solution you’ve been waiting for. DC Dental Spa is excited to use this system to offer patients a new way to improve their smile and love it for life!

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