Thank you for your kind words! #HappyPatient

From time to time we enjoy sharing the kind words we receive from our patients. Below is a recent review from an actual patient that we would like to take this opportunity to share. "I was a crying mess when I finally showed up at DC Dental Spa, but the whole team was completely professional from the beginning. The hygienist was quick, the patient coordinator was kind and engaging, and Dr. Hoang himself was meticulous and energetic. I was in tremendous pain from a tooth infection and was long overdue for a root canal treatment. The team examined me, gave me pain killers, and explained the recommended treatment course (and its associated costs) all while being kind, efficient, and non-judgmental. Both the hygienist and Dr. Hoang listened to me when I shared my past traumatic experience with a dentist, and I felt validated and listened to that they took the time to listen as well as make notes in my file. I ended up getting the first part of the root canal therapy performed that day, and the team easily transitioned from my examine to the procedure with rapidity. Not that anyone looks forward to root canal therapy, but I'm glad my oral health is in the more-than-capable hands of Dr. Hoang and his team. "

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