Your Smile is Your Biggest Investment

A healthy and beautiful smile radiates confidence.

Investing in your overall health requires an investment in your dental care. Healthy  mouth, teeth, and gums have been shown to help prevent heart diseases- including heart attacks and strokes. Dental insurance can sometimes leave us feeling like we didn’t fully benefit from our investment the way we should have- what’s covered by insurance usually can’t provide you with the quality or necessities that your beautiful smile and hygiene needs. At DC Dental Spa, we provide modern treatments that include: advanced technology and techniques, highly trained technicians, and dentists that are continuously refining their skills through continued education.

We provide various affordable out of pocket options. New patients can purchase our Preventative Care Plan, our inexpensive care plan that includes treatments necessary to maintain a healthy mouth. For those who aren’t interested in the yearly commitment, we also have an new patient special - one oral cleaning, exam and X-ray for $99. Our Preventative care plan includes, 2 hygiene visits, 2 comprehensive exams, a set of bitewing radiographs, oral cancer screening, 4 fluoride therapies, and 2 emergency visits for only $325 per year, including 15% off all other treatments. Interested in dental implants? We also provide free implant exams and 3D scanning.

We understand that a beautiful and healthy smile is crucial for one’s well-being and confidence so we offer affordable financing options with Care Credit and the Lending Club allow access to our treatment options for patients with various levels of income Some quick benefits are low minimum payments, no annual fees, and various “no interest” payment plans and extended payment plans. Additionally, you won’t need to reapply if you have additional work done!

Interested in learning more about our pricing and financing options? Call or visit our office for further details and applications!

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