Why choose DC Dental Spa?


Why choose DC Dental Spa?

We know that sometimes people are wary of changing dentists. Will I feel comfortable with a new dentist? Can I trust a new dentist? Will a visit to a new dental practice be more expensive than a visit to my current practice? Earning your trust is of utmost importance to us and we know it takes time to develop. It is our goal to prove to you that DC Dental Spa is a step above the rest.

Practice makes perfect & 28 years delivers perfection.

You can’t deny the value of experience. With 45 years of combined experience and degrees from prestigious dental schools, our doctors are experts in their field. Their continued education has earned them multiple certifications and knowledge essential to delivering complete in house treatments. Patient satisfaction without compromising quality care is our motivation and our rave reviews prove that. 

Modern facilities means modern dentistry.

You wouldn’t use an iPhone 4 in the age of the iPhone X, especially when you need a function only the iPhone X can do. So why don’t we expect the same from our dentists? DC Dental Spa is on pace with the cutting edge of dental technology. Our modern facilities make it possible for our doctors to deliver the latest dental treatments in the industry. Whether you are in for a hygiene visit with our dental hygienist, dentist for a root canal or for an emergency dental treatment, you can count on receiving the innovative treatments that the dental industry has to offer.

Here are a few of the latest technologies we use at Washington DC’s DC Dental Spa and how they benefit our clients.  

Our treatment plans are unique to your individual needs.

The doctors at our exclusive Washington DC practice don’t treat our valued patients as “one-in-and-one-out” and purposely keep our doctor to patient ratio low. Having a patient limit allows us to spend the time necessary to pay close attention to the unique needs of each and every one of our patients. We take the time to learn about the goals of your visit and cater to your needs. Are you on a budget and want a “no frills” treatment plan? Are you interested in receiving the highest level of treatment that is necessary to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile? Everything we do is with your satisfaction and comfort in mind and without an ounce of judgment.

Invest in your smile at a reasonable cost.

Contrary to the popular belief that premium oral care comes with a big price tag, our practice strives to offer affordable options to all of our patients. Our $99 New Patient Special, $27/month Preventative Care Plan and interest-free financing options such as Care Credit and Lending Club make visits to DC Dental Spa possible to almost everyone, even those without insurance. Your investment is protected with our warranties which give you the highest level of peace of mind. Contact us to learn more!

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