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At DC Dental Spa we believe that everyone deserves to have a healthy smile. Our Washington DC practice will work with your dental insurance to get you the treatment you need. If you have any questions about how your insurance will work with our practice please contact us with your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Payment Coordinators are able to answer your specific questions. Contact our office today!

What if I don’t have dental insurance?

DC Dental Spa offers an alternative plan to dental insurance if you do not have the coverage to get the care that you need. We are happy to provide an in house dental care plan called the preventative care plan for our patients that do not have dental insurance. 

As more and more adults are choosing to opt out of dental insurance we have found the perfect alternative that is inexpensive for our patients. Our Preventative Care Plan is as effective as it sounds. Unlike traditional plans, the Preventative Care Plan is available at all times of the year- no need to worry about making the open enrollment deadline.

How Does The Preventative Care Plan Work?

As a preferred member, you will have access to our doctors for an entire year, no matter when you sign up. If you have any questions about your coverage through the Preventative Care Plan, you can call our doctors directly. No more dealing with a 3rd party every time you plan a dental visit for a regular check-up or even for a restorative procedure. Our doctors are highly trained specialists and can provide any treatment necessary to promote good oral health.

Contact Our Washington DC Dental Specialists

Whether you are due for a hygiene visit or seeking restorative treatments, you can trust that all of your dental needs will be met once you step inside our practice. Our team is well equipped to provide information regarding the dental plan, pricing for other services, and signing you up for the Preventative Care Plan today! Contact our office to learn more about this unique offer.

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