Dental Coverage For Everyone

Dental insurance is expensive, and dental insurance in Washington, D.C. is even more expensive. 33.6% of Americans ages 19 - 64 do not have access to or choose not to have dental insurance. Smart consumers are crunching numbers and realizing that dental insurance isn't always the most cost-effective option, yet at the same time, they understand that practicing routine preventative care is essential to maintaining good overall health. So, how are smart consumers saving money while also keeping up with routine dental care? They are taking advantage of the cost savings from purchasing in-office dental plans compared to paying for traditional dental insurance.

At DC Dental Spa, our dentists strive to provide the best dental care using the latest advanced technology for as many patients as possible. We realize that barriers such as service costs and network limitations tend to hinder our accessibility to patients without insurance or whose insurance is out-of-network. So, we came up with a solution: the Preventative Care Plan. The Preventative Care Plan includes 1 year of dental treatments that are essential to maintaining good oral and overall health. Unlike with most traditional dental insurances that you must sign up for at a certain time each year, our patients can sign up for the plan at any time. Here’s what our plan offers for individuals and families who lack dental insurance or are interested in saving by forgoing traditional dental insurance but still want to take the best care of their smile.

discover how you can save up to 50% off our treatments with our preventative care discount plan

  • 2 hygiene visits

  • 2 comprehensive exams

  • 1 set of bitewing radiographs

  • An oral cancer screening

  • 4 fluoride therapies

  • 2 emergency visits

  • 15% off all other treatments

The services included in our plan traditionally costs $800. With the Preventative Care Plan, you will receive over 50% off and pay $325.  You can also purchase the same package for an immediate family member for $275. Our dentists designed this plan to solve two things: to make preventative treatments accessible to our patients and their families and help them avoid any possible pain or discomfort from untreated dental issues. We encourage good oral health by educating our patients in good hygiene habits while monitoring their oral health during preventative treatments on a consistent basis. You deserve to live your best life and enjoy it with a beautiful and healthy smile -- one that is crafted by DC Dental Spa.


Cost Savings With Our Preventative Care Plan



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