Bone Augmentation Surgery

In order to be a candidate for dental implants, you must have sufficient bone in your jaw. Your mouth needs to properly support the implant to have a sturdy, permanent tooth replacement. In the past, if you were lacking bone in your jaw, dental implants wouldn’t have been an option for you.

Now, DC Dental Spa is proud to feature Versah, an osseodensification system that helps condense bone in your jaw, making your alveolar ridge wide enough to support a healthy dental implant! Since dental implants are one of the best replacements for missing teeth, we’re proud to offer this system to our patients who may have been denied dental implants in the past based on their lack of jaw bone.

How exactly does Versah work? Here’s how this system helps your dream of dental implants become a reality.

How Versah Works

Versah allows the ridge in your jaw to expand naturally without wearing away any bone in the Versah system. First, Dr. Hoang will use a pilot drill to make a small hole in your jaw. This will eventually become where the dental implant goes.

Next, a different attachment will be used to slowly enlarge the space in your jaw while at the same time compacting bone. A series of attachments will be used to make the space larger, meanwhile the bone surrounding this implant site will compact.

Versah actually preserves bone instead of excavating it, so no bone will be lost during the procedure. Instead, your alveolar ridge will be expanded and create a strong layer of bone to help support your new dental implant.

Versah Can Improve Your Implant Candidacy

Versah can improve dental implant candidacy even in people who have jawbone that’s considered to be severely lacking. In their current conditions, these patients wouldn’t be able to properly support regular dental implants and would instead have to rely on alternative tooth replacements.

Thanks to Versah and the bone compaction it provides, Dr. Hoang can help densify your jawbone while making enough room for a dental implant. The Versah procedure is pain-free and will help you support a healthy implant in your jaw that’ll be a permanent tooth replacement.

Through expanding your jawbone, you can have a healthy foundation in place for your new durable tooth replacement that’ll last for life!

What to Expect During Your Consultation

Your journey to Versah first begins with a consultation with Dr. Hoang at DC Dental Spa. During this appointment, you’ll receive x-rays to determine the state of the bone in your jaw.

If you’ve been missing a tooth or teeth for years, your jaw bone may have receded naturally due to lack of stimulation by your tooth’s root. Depending on the unique structure of your jaw and how long you’ve been missing your tooth or teeth, you may or may not have sufficient bone in your jaw for dental implants.

When you don’t have enough bone in your jaw to support a normal dental implant, Dr. Hoang can discuss the Versah procedure with you to see if you qualify. For people who have only recently lost a permanent tooth, Versah may not be needed to expand the alveolar ridge. The sooner you can replace your natural missing tooth, the better!

Do You Qualify for Versah?

When you have your consultation with Dr. Hoang at DC Dental Spa, your candidacy for both dental implants and the Versah system will be considered.

If you’ve been told you don’t qualify for dental implants because of the bone in your jaw or have been missing teeth for some time, Versah may be able to help you regain your candidacy and enjoy dental implants to secure your smile.

Get in touch with DC Dental Spa for a consultation today to see if you qualify for Versah!