Your smile creates a visual impact on everyone you meet, whether you realize it or not. A bright, healthy smile gives an impression of warmth, happiness, vitality and youth. Your smile is a large part of what makes you attractive, and a beautiful smile can make a first impression great.

If you are embarrassed because your teeth are not as bright as they used to be or are stained from years of wear and tear, consider professional teeth whitening at DC Dental Spa. Although there are many at-home teeth whitening kits
available on the market, nothing compares to a professional whitening.

At-home kits are not able to penetrate deep stains left by foods and drinks like coffee and red wine. Professional whitening methods use stronger agents that can eliminate these stains and those caused by normal aging.

The whitening trays that come with these DIY kits are usually “one size fits all.” The problem is that everyone’s mouth is different in shape and size, and a generic tray can cause the whitening gel to leak, causing less effective treatment and gum irritation. Generic trays also cause discomfort during the procedure.

At-home treatments are also not appropriate for people with sensitive teeth or other dental issues. Your DC Dental Spa dentist can recommend the best way to handle these issues while still getting a brighter, whiter smile. Even patients with the most sensitive teeth may be candidates for tooth whitening procedures, but they should only pursue them under the care of a professional dentist.

When you choose professional teeth whitening, your teeth will be noticeably brighter and healthier looking in just one visit. You’ll never feel like you have to hide your smile due to stains or discoloration again! Instead, you will want to show off your brighter, whiter, healthier and more beautiful smile.

If you have questions regarding our professional teeth whitening treatments or would like to learn more, please contact us.


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