How do I get to your Washington, D.C. Location?

Getting to our conveniently located Washington DC dental practice is simple. DC Dental Spa is 2 blocks from the Foggy Bottom-GWU metro station and offers free, dedicate parking, something rare in Washington DC.

How will I be introduced to the DC Dental Spa staff?

As you enter our practice, you are greeted by the big smiles and cheerful attitudes of our experienced appointment coordinators who will ask you to fill out a new patient questionnaire. The answers to this questionnaire allow our team to identify the goals of your visit. Are you especially interested in our premium dental care using the latest dental treatments in the industry? Are you interested in benefitting from the advanced dental technology our practice invests in? Are you seeking a second opinion from our dental specialists? Are you on a budget and looking for the most affordable options available to you while achieving a satisfactory level of oral health?

How will DC Dental Spa address my individual needs?

We recognize that all of our patients have different medical histories and are sensitive to the unique needs of our patients. In order to ensure that our team is well versed in your individual needs, our appointment coordinators will sit down with you to conduct a mini consultation. We ask you to provide information to aid us in determining a treatment plan customized to your individual needs. We also understand that sometimes staring at a stack of papers with so many contracts and forms can be daunting, but rest assured that our experienced staff is highly trained in assisting you by answering every question that may come across your mind.

What amenities does DC Dental Spa offer?

Following your consultation, you can calm your nerves by enjoying a foot massage, complimentary mimosa** or cup of tea while you wait for your treatment Our staff makes every effort to maximize your comfort during your appointment. While you are in the procedure chair, you can relax with one of our soft neck pillows and watch your favorite channels on our flat screen televisions. You can even unwind with a large selection of music. You won’t hear any tired old “elevator” music here, but you can listen to your favorite hits. .You may even forget you are in the dentist’s office.

Bebe will then perform a gentle and thorough cleaning before taking x-rays of your mouth using our Panoramic X-ray machine (a modern imaging machine that reduces the amount of ionizing radiation).

What is a dental exam process?

One of our dentists will project your x-ray on a television in front of you and explain the current condition of your oral health. Rest assured our doctors are each highly trained in and knowledgable of the latest dental treatments in the industry. Dr. Rex Hoang is the owner of DC Dental Spa and earned his degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He has practiced for over 28 years and is a specialist in laser dentistry, dental implants and Invisalign. Dr. Rex Hoang spent the past 15 years grooming his son, Dr. Marcus Hoang who, after graduating from the College of Dentistry at New York University, joined the family practice to work alongside his father. Dr. Rex or Dr. Marcus will use their experience to discuss the overall health of your mouth and provide a customized treatment plan according to the goals you initially specified in your new patient paperwork. One of our doctors may proceed with the treatment you elect according to both of your schedules. All treatments are delivered with premium care using DC Dental Spa’s advanced facilities.

How will my DC Dental Spa visit end?

Our high standard of care does not end when you leave the office. Our staff will provide comprehensive follow-up instructions and check in with you to ensure your oral health is at its best. Whether or note you choose to visit us for your next dental treatment, we consider you our patient for life. You will have direct access to our doctors in case you have any questions or concerns. We are also on call in the evenings and over the weekends to be available to you in case of an urgent dental emergency.

Ready to schedule your DC Dental Spa appointment?

We hope you give us the opportunity to earn your trust as your new dentist because we believe you deserve to live your best life and enjoy it with a beautiful and healthy smile -- one that is crafted by DC Dental Spa. Schedule an appointment online or call us during business hours.***

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* New patients only
** We do not serve alcoholic beverages to patients under 21. Availability is limited.
*** Operators are available: Mo 7-6 | Tu 9-6 | Wed 9- 6 | Th 7-6P | Fri 7-3P